Downloading opsi - testing opsi

3 steps to the opsi installation:

Step 1: Download the opsi server as a virtual machine.

  • The installation guide describes the installation of opsi for the opsi server VM and for an existing Linux server.
  • The opsi server is available as a zipped virtual machine.
  • The setup is done according to the 'Getting Started' manual.
  • Alternatively, the paths to the opsi repositories are also described in the 'Getting Started' manual.

Step 2: Download the opsi Basic License

  • The core features needed to use opsi are free of charge.
  • With the free opsi Basic license, you can additionally unlock (almost) all opsi extensions up to 30 clients.
  • Click here to see the license conditions and to download the license.
  • If you want to evaluate more than 30 clients with opsi extensions or if you want to evaluate one of the chargeable modules write us at sales(at)
  • Instructions on how to install the license on the server are in our documentation.

Step 3:

  • For questions during the evaluation of opsi you will find help in the community forum. Here is the link to the free opsi-supportforum.
  • Example scripts and opsi template packages can be found in the opsi-wiki.
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