Free support services

Whether in English or in German, at the opsi forum ( you will also find free support thanks to our active community.

To promote the exchange of the community, there is an official IRC Channel. This can be found in the Freenode network under #opsi. The spoken languages there, are either German or English. We recommend to use an IRC client or a Web client and be friendly to each other.

The channel is in no way a replacement for our forum, we still recommend to use the forum as first contact point for problems or free support.

Commercial support services

Commercial support from uib gmbh is available as described in English or in German.

We maintain opsi as an open source software. See also the opsi license and copyrights.

Please use the contact form to get in touch with uib. Otherwise, sends us an mail to info(at)

Also please check our local opsi partners.

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