more features

The following features are part of the free core of opsi:

  • Install by Shutdown
    • Deploy software when the client shuts down
  • User Profile Management- Roaming profiles
    • User profiles can be manipulated with administrative privileges after the user logged in
  • Multiple Locations – support for several locations
    • Centrally managed, supporting multiple depot shares in opsi aims at the following targets:
    • central configuration data storage and configuration management
    • providing the software depots on local servers
  • Kiosk Mode - Software installation initiated by the user
    • With the "Kiosk-Mode" opsi administrators can allow their users access to a range of software products that they can install themselves. These software products may be selected and installed by the user without the administrator interaction.
  • Dynamic Depot Selection - for travelling clients
    • With the opsi multi depot support, the clients are automatically assigned to the most suitable depot for it. With this option, the connection of each client, will be dynamically detected and a suitable depot is selected to download the software packages from it.
  • opsi-clonezilla - Imaging with opsi
    • Besides the package based (unattended) installation, opsi provides with the integration of the Open Source product clonezilla ( a comprehensive and flexible solution for handling partition and disc images.
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