Module Asset Management: hard- and software inventory

opsi helps you with hard- and software inventory:

  • The client's hardware is detected via WMI. The results are stored on the opsi-server.
  • The hardware information is displayed clearly for each client in the opsi management interface.
  • The information about the installed software of a client will be gathered from the registry. The results are stored on the opsi-server.
  • The stored inventory-data can be evaluated via scripting, using the opsi command interface.

The opsi management interface comprises a detailed and up to date hard- and software inventory for each client:

  • For error analysis you can corroborate which hardware and software release is involved.
  • To plan OS rollouts or some other software with higher hardware requirements you can check your PC evironment.
  • Information about the quantity and the release of a special software is essential for your planning tasks. It allows to have an integrative software environment.
  • You may also detect if there is a lack of security-releases in the deployed software.
  • ITIL requires an Asset Management. There are interfaces to import the opsi inventory data into an ITIL-CMDB:
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