Modules "User Roles" and "Directory Connector" available with the new opsi feature realease

With the current feature release we announce the following new modules for opsi

1. opsi modules "User Roles" and "Directory Connector"

2. Server configuration is now possible via the menu of the new "opsi configed" without switching to the Linux console

3. Support for the Windows 10 Creators update

With the current feature release, we are releasing some novelties in opsi as stable and release them for productive use:

1. opsi modules "User Roles" and "Directory Connector"

We have included two new modules in the co-financing projects, which are now available for productive environments:

User Roles:

With this module, a roll concept can be implemented for the first time in opsi. The client visibility in the opsi-configed can be restricted to a selection of depots, thus the processing of global settings can be prevented. And so a pure read only access for the Help Desk, for example, can be established.

Directory Connector:

The opsi Directory Connector is a module to match the data of a domain (Microsoft Active Directory or Samba4) with opsi. The main goal of the module is to use the domain as a leading system also for opsi. This enhancement also improves and replaces the previous opsi UCS listener and is available for UCS installations also in rental model.

Both modules are available as part of our co-financiation project.

2. Server configuration maintenance now possible via the menu of the new "opsi configed" without switching to the Linux console

With the new opsi configed, it's now possible to establish a separate SSH connection to the opsi server. This allows server maintenance and configuration work to be performed via the menu in the graphical management interface, without the need that the admin have to switch to the Linux console. Via the opsi configed all opsi commands, that you apply on a daily basis, which previously required the opening of a server console, can now be issued via an opsi configed dialog. The default opsi calls are already preconfigured. For further server commands and scripts, the admin can set up additional menu entries with a few mouse clicks on the opsi configed and make them available to selected users (in combination with the User Roles module). If desired, the configed can even open a fully emulated SSH session on the opsi server so that no additional tools are required to work administratively on the server.

3. Support for Windows 10 Creators Update

We are also releasing new netboot products for Windows 10, which are needed to distribute the new Windows 10 Creators Update (build 1703) with opsi.

For further changes and testing releases, please refer to the changelogs in No special upgrade work is required for the new feature release. However, we also ask you to read the documentation for the new features as the steps for the new features are described there.

For this release, updated opsi manuals are provided as PDF, ePub, HTML under the following links:

<link https: opsi4.0 doc _blank external-link-new-window external link in new>

<link http: en opsi-documentation documentation _blank external-link-new-window external link in new>

<link http: en documentation-info _blank external-link-new-window external link in new>

To test the co-finance features, they need to be activated. A temporary activation, among others for the new features can be requested at <link mail window for sending>info(at)

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