Get the new opsi Basic License

The new, free opsi Basic License is now available: With this license it is possible to use (almost) all paid modules with up to 30 clients for free.

The new license unlocks all modules available at the time of release for up to 30 clients. The following extensions are excluded: Scalability, WAN and macOS support.
The opsi-Basic license is always valid in the current calendar year (currently from January 1 to December 31, 2023). We will always publish a new activation on October 1st of the current year.

You can obtain the license and an activation file free of charge from our website: A registration is not necessary; you only need to agree to the license agreement of the opsi Basic License and the current terms and conditions of uib gmbh (

The new opsi Basic License is usable once per end user. You may not pass it on or sell it; the license cannot be combined with other opsi licenses. The modules provided with the Basic License do not differ from the purchased version -- they have the full functionality. As soon as there are more than 30 clients or you need one of the above-mentioned excluded modules, you can purchase a paid license (

The implementation took until now because we have revised the complete mechanism to unlock opsi extensions. Since the already existing license files should keep their validity the implementation of the opsi Basic License has taken longer than planned. We have proceeded with the greatest care. Should you nevertheless encounter a problem, please contact us.

If you want to equip more than 30 clients with opsi extensions for evaluation purposes or if you want to test one of the excluded modules, we will be glad to provide you with a temporary activation file. For further inquiries please contact us at: sales(at)

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