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uib GmbH presents the new macOS client for its open-source client management system. This is the first time that an extension is available to manage…

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  • Brent Bain
    Unalaska City School District, USA

    "I use opsi in a remote school district in Alaska. The price is perfect for us. As the sole IT person, I frequently need a way to push out software updates as well as reloading entire systems. opsi has made that incredibly easy and customizable. I have been able to push software to hundreds of computers in an afternoon."

    opsi-Anwender Umfrage 2014/2015

  • Jürgen Gatringer 
    Hilti & Jehle GmbH, Feldkirch Österreich

    „Wir setzen Opsi seit vielen Jahren ein. Wir haben drei Standorte mit Depot-Server und die Verteilung, Installation und Verwaltung läuft sehr gut.”

    opsi-Anwender Umfrage 2014/2015

Acerca de opsi

Características principales de opsi:

  • Instalación automática de SO (desatentida ó basado en imagen)
  • Distribución automatizada de software y gestión de patches.
  • Inventario de Hardware y software
  • Gestión de Licencias (proyecto de cofinanciamiento)

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