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opsi news

General news about releases and events

Important for opsi-users:

Subscribe the technical news about bugfixes, experimental and testing releases at


meet uib gmbh at the LinuxTag 2014 in Berlin

08.-10. May, Station Berlin

Detlef Oertel speaks about Open Source client management for Windows and Linux with opsi.
08 May 2014 Saal B 4 17:00 - 17:30

Service Release opsi 4.0.4 is stable (Febuary 2014)

The opsi developers of uib gmbh announce the opsi Service Release 4.0.4 as stable.

  • opsi 4.0.4 comes with several enhancements (opsi server component, opsi shares, opsi bootimage).
  • With Debian Wheezy (7.0) and UCS 3.2 two more distributions are supported by opsi.
  • The management interface opsi Configuration Editor (opsi-configed) is released as a revised and extended version.
  • With this service release also the management of Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 is supported.

A complete overview, details and changelogs can be found in the releasenotes manual:


Have you noticed the opsi-Setup-Detector?
It is a GUI tool to analyse setup packets for the semi automated generating of opsi packets. The opsi-Setup-Detector is available from our download server:

Meet uib gmbh at the CeBIT fair in Hannover 2014

Find out about the new opsi features

  • opsi Linux Agent
  • UEFI Support

and visit uib gmbh on the CeBIT fair 2014 10. - 14th of March,

Hannover Fairground Hall 6, Open Source Park, Block E16, Booth 312. To get a free ticket for the CeBIT fair, write at messe(at)

Management of Linux Clients

uib gmbh presents on the CeBIT 2014 the management of Linux clients with opsi. The main features are:

  • unattended installation of the Linux operating system
  • automated installation and configuration of software
  • inventory management.

The current distributions of Debian, Ubuntu, SUSE, RedHat and CentOS are supported. Therefore now the management of heterogenous environments (Windows/Linux) with one single management tool is available.

UEFI Support

More and more clients are equipped with an UEFI BIOS, which affords principle changes of the netboot and operating system installation. The new developed opsi UEFI netboot support and the OS installation on devices, that are equipped with UEFI only, will be presented.

Service Release opsi 4.0.3 is stable (March 2013)

The opsi Service Release 4.0.3 comes with a whole bunch of new features and improvements. Here comes a survey:

* Open Source release of the opsi extension: Dynamic Depot Selection
* opsi extension: Install-on-shutdown
* opsi feature: Silent-Install
* Adaption for Windows 8 Support
* Italian and Danish Localization
* Support for the following distributions:
** UCS 3.1
** Ubuntu 12.10


A detailed description of the features you will find at:


opsi release update 4.0.2-2 with UCS 3 / Samba 4 Support (October 2012)

opsi now comes with a lot of new features and support for several current Linux releases.

The new opsi release supports the current releases Ubuntu 12.04, UCS 3 / Samba 4, RedHat 6, CentOS 6, OpenSuse 12.2 and Debian 6. The Samba 4 Support for UCS 3 may also be used for other distributions.

The update also contains a bundle of enhancements, like an improved driver integration, improved usability of the management interface, utilities for packaging like the 'opsi-setup-detector' and a lot of new features for the opsi script interpreter.

A detailed description of the features you will find at:


More information:
(Support / Prices)
(in German)



opsi online survey 2012

Dear opsi customers,

Your opinion about opsi is very important to us! In order to improve opsi, we would like you to tell us about your experience and satisfaction with opsi.

The English survey can be found at:

The German survey can be found at:

The survey ends on the 7th of September 2012. uib gmbh will analyze and publish the results after the survey has ended.

Document Actions

opsi release 4.0.2 with Nagios Connector (June 2012)

Open source client management system now allows Software Rollout Monitoring using the standard monitoring tool Nagios.

The new opsi release provides the ability to connect to standard monitoring tools like Nagios or Icinga to monitor the progress and results of software rollouts done by opsi. Also the opsi Nagios Connector can be used to monitor the opsi functionality of the opsi servers.
Important is also that the 'opsi Nagios Connector' provides an easy way to integrate all the Windows clients to the monitoring by using the opsi-client-agent to provide monitoring information.

The 'opsi Nagios Connector' is an important step towards an integrated open source IT Service Management. Using it together with the existing OTRS connector KIX4OTRS, which is available by our partner c.a.p.e. IT, gives you a powerful integrated open source framework.
The core of opsi is distributed as open source without any license fees or subscriptions. The development of new features like the 'opsi Nagios Connector' is cooperatively funded. Until this co-funding of a new feature is completed, the new feature is available to paying customers only. Afterwards it will be part of the free open source release.
Beside this highlight there comes with opsi 4.0.2 a large bundle of new features, which goes directly to the free core of opsi.
For further information see opsi news at the opsi-forum
A detailed description of the 'opsi Nagios Connector' is: opsi-nagios-connector-info-en.pdf
or as part of the opsi-manual: opsi-Nagios-Connector
'opsi Nagios Connector' in a video: opsi-video

If you want to test the the Nagios Connector with a temporary activation file for evaluation, please contact


opsi modul Treeview is refinanced and free of charge as of now (March 2012)

We are very glad to announce that the cofunding project Treeview is refinanced. It can be used free of charge as of now. For using this opsi extension without restriction the opsi-config-editor version at least in version is needed.

opsi module 'Software on Demand' is free of charge now (November 2011)

We are very glad to announce that the cofunding project 'Software on Demand (Kiosk-Mode)' is refinanced. It can be used free of charge from now on. For using this opsi extension without restriction you need the opsi-client-agent (4.0.1-23).

New opsi extension 'User Profile Management'(November 2011)

This new extension is now released as experimental.

The opsi-winst may be used to modify user profiles. By default, these modifications affect the local stored profiles. So in case of using roaming profiles, these changes are overwritten by the server stored profiles.

With the opsi extension 'User Profile Management' modifications on these server stored profiles can also be done. This works by starting the opsi-winst during the user login and execute special 'userLoginScripts'. For detailed information look at the opsi-manual, chapter 17, released in experimental.

The use of this component is restricted by an activation file. For evaluation you may ask for a temporary activation file at

Further information about the opsi-modules at

opsi video (July 2011)

The english video Clientmanagement with opsi: Introduction can be seen now


opsi 4.0.1 (July 2011)

The english documentation about opsi 4.0.1 is available now.


Minor Release opsi 4.0.1 (May 2011)

The documentation about opsi 4.0.1 is available




A preconfigured opsi 4.0.1 VM:

uib GmbH presents opsi 4.0 and new modules at fair CeBIT in Hannover, Germany 01 - 05 March 2011 (02.02.2011)

We are glad to present you the recent version opsi 4.0 and new opsi modules.

Visit us at Hall 2, Block D 44, Booth No. 110

The modules are cofinanced projects and are not free of charge. They add extra functions to the free opsi-distribution.

The new modules we present at CeBIT fair are:

  • Software on Demand (Kiosk-Mode)
    Approved software may be requested for opsi installation by the end user. The system administrator provides some software-packages and the end user can decide what and when to install, while he is logged on.
  • Dynamic depot selection
    So far, at opsi installations with multiple depots, each client belongs to a single dedicated depot to get software packets from. With the dynamic depot selection, the best depot will automatically be deleted. For example by selecting the suitable depot by the network address.
  • Loadbalancing / High Availability / Multiprocessor Support With this module you can add to your opsi-system more performance and high availability. It allows the use of multi processors up to hotstandby / loadbalancing installations.
  • Support of opsi-clients connected via WAN/VPN (Betaversion at the CeBIT)
    Clients from sales representatives and homeworkers or locations with very few clients (less than 5) can be integrated completely into an opsi system. The software to deploy is not being installed via network. The packets and data to be installed will be transferred to the client at reduced bandwidth traffic. This can take several sessions. The installation on the client starts when all required installation packets are transferred.
  • OTRS::ITSM connection to opsi (done by cape IT)
    With the OTRS::ITSM interface opsi inventory data can be imported automatically into the OTRS CMDB. This development can be seen at our partner cape IT at the Univention booth, hall 2/D36.

Further information about the opsi-modules at co-funded modules

opsi 4.0 Final Release is now available (1.10.2010)

For detailed information see the opsi 4.0 documentation:

For more details see: News at

For any questions and comments, there is a special english and german forum:

A preconfigured opsi4.0 VM you will find at:

opsi 4.0 is a major release. This means that a lot of things have been changed and a upgrade should therefore done with care. For productive use we recommend a upgrade-workshop and/or a support-contract.

opsi 4.0 Release Candidate (6.9.2010)

  • Release Candidate
    The development goals are achieved and the internal tests are finished with success.
    What is missed until the final release:
    • The localizations for other languages than English and German
    • The English translation of the opsi 4.0 Manual
  • Since the opsi 4.0 beta test the repositories have changed. Please switch to the new Repositories which are described in the documentation
  • What's new in this Release
    • A complete redesigned server library
    • Revised opsiconfd
    • New and revised opsi-utils
    • Enhanced opsi client agent (preloginloader is be replaced by opsi-clientagent)
    • Enhanced software inventory
    • New netboot products for OS installation
    • Enhanced management interface
    • Opsi is now licensed under the General Public License v3; this holds with the exception of the code parts which belong to some co-funded module for which the refinancing period is not yet finished.