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opsi features

opsi is a Client Management System for Windows- and Linux clients based on Linux servers

The opsi key features are:

  • Automated software distribution and patch management (opsi client agent) pfeil-icon
  • Automated OS installation (unattended or image based) pfeil-icon
  • Hardware and software inventories pfeil-icon
  • Support of multiple locations pfeil-icon

1. Automated software distribution and patch management: pfeil-icon

Automated and non-interactive software installation may reduce your cost of system administration. It increases the security of your system since you distribute and install service packs and security patches in time. The opsi client agent service checks if there is an installation request for any software or patch release. In this case the software will be installed on the PC using the script-based program opsi-winst, which initiates and controls the installation processes. This is normally done after every system boot and before the user login takes place.

2. Automatic OS installation: pfeil-icon

The operating systems Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 and Server 2003, 2008, 2012, (32/64 Bit) and Linux can be installed automatically without any user interaction.

3. Hardware and software inventory: pfeil-icon

The opsi-tool hwaudit collects hardware information via WMI and sends it to the opsi-server. The results will be displayed in the opsi management interface. The data can be sorted according to several hardware criteria.

The opsi-tool swaudit collects software information from the PC's registry and sends it to the opsi-server. The results can also be seen in the opsi management interface.

4. Support of multiple locations: pfeil-icon

Even with multiple locations opsi can be used. While storing and administrating the configuration data on one single server, the packages with the software can be deposited on several different depot server.

For further information see:

Manual: opsi getting started PDF-file

Manual: opsi manual PDF-file

Manual: wInst reference card PDF-file